When we say your gift means 一切 to our school, we mean it literally.

在澳门新葡京app下载的两个校区,在澳门新葡京app下载所有的课程中,GOA年度基金的影响是深远的. 每年, charitable donations provide immediate, 不受限制的资源,使澳门新葡京app下载能够满足需求,抓住机会,无论何时何地,他们出现. For students, that means receiving an excellent, one-of-a-kind education.

The Teaching and Learning Dynamism

Across the entire landscape of academia, 新的研究领域和更精确的教学模式不断涌现. As educational dynamics shift, the 年度基金 helps keep us on the leading edge, where we can harness the latest, 最伟大的创新——比如社交情感和基于项目的学习——并将它们融入到澳门新葡京app下载的课程中. 

Student Life as Preparation for Real Life

Outside the classroom, GOA学生有机会参加一系列令人印象深刻的课外项目,支持他们在社会中形成个人. The 年度基金 helps our athletic, 剧院, 音乐, and fine arts programs, as well as student clubs, serve as living laboratories for teamwork, 尊重, 创造力, 外交, and much more.

Open Hearts and Open Doors: Financial Aid

每个年级并行教授犹太和一般研究课程, GOA comprises two schools within one. The cost of our rigorous and rewarding dual education is significant, but so is our commitment to affordability. 这就是为什么澳门新葡京app下载为拥有年度基金资源来支持一个强有力和公平的财政援助计划而感到自豪, 平均帮助50%的果阿邦家庭克服入学的经济障碍. 

Jewish Life and Leadership

As a Jewish day school, GOA enables students to access their full membership in our 6,000-year-old peoplehood. In our classrooms, on our bimahs, and during special trips to Israel, 他们继承了巨大的遗产,使他们成为终身的犹太人, 订婚, ambassadorship, and leadership. The 年度基金 supports transformative, immersive learning experiences across the spectrum of Jewish religious, 文化, 道德, 知识, and linguistic traditions.

Facilities that Facilitate Learning

Time and again, 研究证实,物理空间会影响在其中进行的学习质量. Settings that promote safety, 安慰, 幸福, and focus help catalyze excellence in the transmission, 合成, and retention of knowledge. 在果阿, 年度基金在维持与澳门新葡京app下载卓越的课程和教师相匹配的教室和实验室方面发挥着重要的持续作用.


List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the money raised from the GOA 年度基金 used for?

    这些资金支持澳门新葡京app下载每天在GOA所做的一切,从卓越的学术和教学到教师的专业发展, extracurricular activities in the arts, sports and STEM. 资金还支持体验式犹太教育,并为澳门新葡京app下载的学生提供大量的领导和丰富机会. GOA年度基金确保学校能够提供关键的负担能力和经济援助计划.
  • 作为目前已经支付学费的家长,为什么捐献年度基金很重要?

    Like many other independent schools, annual fundraising bridges the gap between tuition and operating costs. 在果阿, tuition does not cover all operating costs. 因此, 每年还需要额外筹集100万美元,以确保澳门新葡京app下载的学校继续为每个学生提供优质的教育. We strive to achieve 100% parent participation at any level of support. 主要捐助者和基金会将家长的参与视为社区参与和支持的积极指标.
  • Why do we need the support of school 校友?

    澳门新葡京app下载需要您的帮助,以确保今天的学生在SSDS/GOA拥有同样美好的犹太走读学校体验. 今天, 超过50%的学生依靠经济援助接受犹太走读学校教育. 学校每年提供超过400万美元的财政援助. GOA年度基金还支持校友外展项目,如校友专业安息日晚宴, College 校友 Basketball Game, freshman care packages and reunions.
  • Why do we need to give when we have a significant endowment?

    While we are blessed with a large endowment that helps ensure our future, 澳门新葡京app下载每年只能使用捐赠基金的5%,并永久保留这一原则. 捐赠收入也受到高度限制,主要用于财政援助和几个特定捐助者指定的领域. 年度筹款仍然占澳门新葡京app下载年度运营预算的10%.
  • Are there giving recognition opportunities?

    We have special recognition for our donors. Those who give $5,000或以上的人士可获邀参加在私人家中举行的特别钜额礼品答谢活动. 柴会级别(1800美元及以上)的捐赠者将被邀请参加一个特别活动.
  • How much should we give to the GOA 年度基金?

    Any amount that is meaningful to you—whether $18 or $18,000 or anywhere in between—makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.
  • When is my gift due?

    Gifts for the 2023-24 年度基金 are payable through December 31, 2024. You can make your gift online now at or mail it to: Office of Development, Golda Och Academy, 1418 Pleasant Valley Way, 西奥兰治, NJ 07052. 欲了解更多信息,或了解其他贡献方式,请联系 Michael Bressman, Director of Development or call 973-602-3667.
  • How do I become more involved?

    澳门新葡京app下载有一个超过60名志愿者的团队,他们帮助澳门新葡京app下载筹款,以及年级队长,他们在他们的班级与家庭沟通,帮助确保每个年级都有100%的参与. 澳门新葡京app下载一直在寻找那些关心戈尔达·奥奇学院并为其未来投资的人. If interested, please contact Michael Bressman.

GOA 年度基金 Leadership 2023-24

帕梅拉·B. Davis ’02 (年度基金)
Leslie Dannin Rosenthal (GO Forward Campaign)

Mindy Schall ’97  
Pamela Davis ‘02 and Jordan Davis ’01
Rachel and Joshua ’00 Reisberg
Yuval Brokman
Keren Lebeau ’94
Barbara and Eliot Spack
Ed Zinbarg
Shari Broder
Amy Borg Glickman
Anne Kroll (Campaign Chair)

Sarah Schonfeld ’06
Becky Lustgarten ’04
Naomi Mullen ’10 (Campaign Chair)
Dan Shpilsky ’14 (Campaign Chair)

Steven Klinghoffer 

2022-2023 Impact Report